Diamond Spire Gardenia
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Diamond Spire Gardenia

Diamond Spire Gardenia

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Gardenia hybrid 'Leefive' PP32516

Check out this new gardenia from the Southern Living collection—the Diamond Spire Gardenia is different from other gardenias due to its narrow upright habit. As it matures, it grows in a columnar manner, growing taller than wide, making it perfect to tuck in a bed flanking a doorway. Imagine greeting the day with the intoxicating scent of gardenia blossoms! Diamond Spire produces single flat white blooms with prominent yellow centers similar to Heaven Scent late spring through fall. Its vase-like shape and evergreen glossy wide leaves make it a good contender for a foundation plant or centerpiece in a container. All gardenias originate from subtropical climates, making them very hardy in hot temperatures. Gardenias do not like to dry out, so keep the soil consistently damp but not soggy and slightly acidic for best performance. Morning sun and protection from direct sun in the afternoon will keep this gardenia happy.

Hardiness Map
Mature Height: 4'
Mature Width: 2'
Flower Season: Late Spring
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Hardiness Zone: 7 to 10
This plant is suitable for the low temperates below:
Temp (F)
Temp (C)
0 to 10
-17.8 to -12.2
10 to 20
-12.2 to -6.7
20 to 30
-6.7 to -1.1
30 to 40
-1.1 to 4.4