Nuccio's Pearl Camellia
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Nuccio's Pearl Camellia

Nuccio's Pearl Camellia

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Camellia Japonica 'Nuccio's Pearl'


This dazzling double blooming camellia stands out amongst the rest. Featuring formal white flowers with rosy blushed pink edges, this upright shrub is sure to bring everyone’s attention to your garden. Prepare to be the envy of your neighborhood when your camellia boasts its vibrant symmetrical blooms from late winter into early spring. Camellia’s, being evergreen, have glossy dark green foliage which retain its color throughout the cold months. It is the dramatic contrast between their immense dark leaves and striking bright colors that create such an appealing spectacle.


Be sure to use pine bark soil conditioner as your planting medium when installing camellias as they prefer well drained soil during the first couple of years. They’re roots do not like to remain excessively wet.

Hardiness Map
Mature Height: 8'
Mature Width: 6'
Flower Season: Spring
Sun: Full Shade
Hardiness Zone: 8 to 10
This plant is suitable for the low temperates below:
Temp (F)
Temp (C)
10 to 20
-12.2 to -6.7
20 to 30
-6.7 to -1.1
30 to 40
-1.1 to 4.4

Be sure to use a well drained soil medium when planting any Camellia as they prefer less watering than you might think. In NC our soil is clay so we prefer to use pine bark soil conditioner when planting Camellia, Rhododendron, Mountain Laurel, and Azalea.

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