Always Free Shipping | Why do we sell 3-gallon plants?

Welcome to Lots of Plants is an online provider of quality plants ready to install in your landscape. Our team of experienced horticulturists and growers is dedicated to offering the best products for you. Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we specialize in healthy, high-quality specimens of shrubs and plants. We ship throughout the United States. All of our plants are grown at our farm in Welcome, NC and from close by partner growers. Unlike many online sellers, we at prefer to sell larger mostly 3 gallon shrubs that have been matured enough at our farm to plant directly into your landscape. Many online retailers sell small starter plugs that are much less likely to survive as they are simply too young. Our goal is to offer a large selection of plants that may be hard to find in your area at reasonable cost that can survive the test of the elements. Feel free to contact our customer service department with your questions and don't forget, shipping is always free.

3 Gallon Guarantee

To give your plants the best chance of survival we lovingly care for and grow the plant to 3 gallons before we even think about shipping it.

Delivery to Your Door
Need it soon? Items delivered to your door in great condition.
Great Value
All our plants are delivered in 3 gallon sizes ensuring you have the best start!
Track it down
Where's your plant? Have tracking info. sent to you as soon as it ships.
What our customers think
Just received my Black Tie Japonica this pm… GORGEOUS and so carefully packed. Will do business with you all again. Highly recommend!
Faye Dotson Bought Black Tie Japonica
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