Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you only sell plants in larger pots? Do you sell quarts, plugs, or bare root plants?

 The reason we sell larger plants than the other online stores is that we want the plants you buy to survive for months and years to come. We do not sell small plants in quarts, plug pots, or bare root because their chances of survival will be very low compared planting a 3 or 7 gallon plant. Larger plants are grown to an age that is designed to be planted directly into the landscape. In some cases, we offer 1 gallon plants if appropriate for planting.


When do you ship? How long does it take to receive my order?

In order for your plants to arrive in good health, we ship orders during the first three days of each week so that your plants will arrive before the weekend in most cases. In many cases your order will arrive within three days of leaving our facility.


How are the plants packaged?

Each plant that is in your order is placed tightly in its own box and secured so that the soil will not spill and foliage will not be damaged during transit.


Do you offer discounts?

We may offer discounts occasionally for small orders. For large orders, there are discounts available, please read below.


Can I delay my shipment to arrive on specific date?

Yes, once you are in checkout, there is a place to confirm that you would like to receive your order as soon as possible. If you would like to delay shipping due to unfavorable planting  weather or for any other reason, you can select a preferred date you would like to receive your plants. We will hold your order until that date.


How do I plant camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, and mountain laurels?

Camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, and mountain laurels are native to cooler regions at higher elevations, and therefore benefit from a little extra care at planting. All need at least partial shade and protection from hot afternoon sun. All need good drainage and prefer slightly acidic soil to perform their best. When planting these shrubs in particular, mix into the soil a large amount of soil amendment, preferably fine pine bark, which will help with drainage as these varieties do not like wet feet. Mix in a high-acid fertilizer designed for azaleas and rhododendrons. When planting, situate the root ball several inches higher  than the surrounding soil; this will also aid in drainage. Mulch the roots with shredded bark or pine needles to help insulate. Further reading on this topic can be found on our homepage in the blog section. There is a very good article with complete planting instruction there.


Is every item on the website in stock?

Unless the item is marked ‘Out of Stock’, we have every plant listed on the site.


How big is a 3-gallon plant?  A 7-gallon plant?

A 3-gallon plant’s pot is approximately ten inches in diameter and ten inches tall and holds the equivalent of three gallons of soil. The height of the plant itself depends on the variety as some plants generally grow tall, some spread out. As an example, a three gallon Aucuba Picturata is usually around 30” tall including the pot.

A 7-gallon pot is about thirteen inches in diameter and thirteen inches tall. It holds seven gallons of soil. Again, the height of the plant depends on the variety, but a 7-gallon camellia, for example, is usually 40” tall including the pot. A 7-gallon Emerald Green Arborvitae is usually 4' feet tall including the pot.


What if I want to order a large amount of plants, do you ship large orders?

We can and do ship large orders. If you have an order in excess of 20 plants, please call or email us. Your order may receive a 10% discount depending on the types of plants ordered. If you have an order in excess of 50 plants, you will receive substantial discounts. You will also have the option to have your plants shipped on our truck which does not require boxing of each plant. In this case, we can offer even larger shrubs and many trees not seen on the website.


Do you have plants for sale that are not listed for sale on the website?

We do. There are many trees, perennials, and shrubs that we do not list for a variety of reasons. If you have a large order and would like custom pricing, custom shipping, and more options, please email us a plant list to We love working on large orders!


Can you all give me advice on what to plant?

We sure can. If you would like to have a detailed discussion, please call or email us. If you are trying to locate plants for a landscape plan, or if you are not sure we have everything, send us an email.  We can for sure help you in any way we can.


Is shipping free?

Shipping is always free.


Where are plants shipped from?

All of our plants are shipped from our location in North Carolina. Although some of our plants are grown in Oregon, all are shipped from North Carolina.


What should I do when I receive my plant?

Please open your boxes as soon as possible so the plants can get some fresh air. If the weather is hot, they will likely need a drink of water. Once opened, they are ready to be planted as soon as you have time. If you are not able to plant them immediately, please store them in a shady spot and water them daily until planted.


When will my plant be ready to go into my landscape?

As soon as you receive your plants, they will be ready to be planted directly into your landscape. Each plant is grown to a size that is appropriate for planting directly into any given landscape.


What should I do if the plant I'm looking for isn't available on Lots of Plants?  

Please call or email us or send us an email at the address below. We actually grow many plants that are not included on our website and can process those orders over the phone.


What if my plants arrive and the soil is loose in the pot?

If you open your box and your plant has become loose during shipping, press on the soil around the plant itself. Then give it a drink of water so that it can recover from the stress of being shipped. 


What do I do if my plant arrives damaged or dead?

If you plant arrives and the box is damaged, or if the plant is severely broken, damaged, or dead, immediately take photos of the boxes and the damaged plants and email them to us. Once we receive the photos, we will assess the damage. After that, we will send new plants to you right away. Photos are required by our shipping carrier for verification of damage.


Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or International?

We would love to ship far away but given that plants are living things we do not have a suitable way to ship to far distances confidently.


Didn't see your question answered above?

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