Planting Soil, which type should I use?

  • Published: Dec 27, 2023
  • Written by JOSEPH PLITT
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Planting Soil, which type should I use?

There are many planting soils out there. Which one should use? Why do they have so many different names? Is it ok to use the cheap stuff? What is root stimulator? There is a lot of confusion out there for sure, we hope to clear thing up now...


Beginning in January 2024 we are happy to be able to offer our planting soil that is used in growing our plants that we ship to you. In North Carolina we are fortunate enough to have the perfect type of pine bark that is used throughout the east coast in growing facilities big and small. Once the soil is received at our farm, we add the perfect amount of course sand, pulverized lime, and slow release Osmocote fertilizer. All of our plants love growing in our soil. Plants such as Mountain Laurel, Camellia, and Rhododendron are especially susceptible to root rot from over watering, they love our soil. Plants like Hydrangea and Hibiscus love water. We do water them a lot more than than our Mountain Laurel but they also love our soil. 


We are excited to have finally figured out a way to be able to ship our best in class soil to you along with our beautiful plants. We know that by planting your new plantings with our in house growing medium, you will have better and more consistent success in your garden this coming season. Each bag of soil contains one cubic foot of planting medium which is the perfect amount of soil for two or three plants. Once the hole has been dug, you may use our soil mixed with your native soil by appx 50% for each plant. Be sure to mix-up our soil with your soil before putting it back into the hole. And when your all done, add some mulch to help prevent weeds during summer and keep the roots warm during winter. Below is a link to our planting medium sold by the cubic foot:


As always- Thanks you and Happy Planting!!