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pot-comaprisonHave you ever wondered about those pot size descriptions for shrubs, perennials, or trees? It can be very confusing when you think you are getting a bargain plant, only to find it shipped in a tiny little pot, and looks like something resembling a small twig. But, when you break it down, does larger size mean a better plant? It can…. but just what is the difference?

The plant pots used generally in local and online retail nurseries use a standard group of containers, called “trade pots” to grow and sell their products. Plants can be sold in quart, gallon or other sizes.  But why, when you read the plant will be shipped in a 1 gallon pot, it doesn’t really look like it will hold 1 gallon of soil?

The American Standard for Nursery Stock offers a bit of clarification in this area. It was created to provide buyers and sellers of plant stock with a standard terminology to allow a clearer explanation of pot sizes, as well as other aspects, such as width and height ratios for plants to grow well in different sized containers. This standard was not intended to be a true plant quality indicator, but it can help to provide for minimum expectations for the best growth.

So here is a basic breakdown as to what those size listings actually mean to help clear up any questions:

At Lots of Plants, our shrubs are most often sold in 3 gallon containers. We do offer some shrubs in 1 quart and 1 gallon sizes. We strive to offer higher quality plants and like the concept of selling a larger sized, more established plant that is ready to go, and holds up better to environmental changes. One of our personal favorites is the Green Velvet Boxwood. This hardy plant is a great foundation shrub or mass hedge, with its deep green color that creates structure for your home year round. The Crimson Fire Loropetalum is another winner as a great companion plant for the boxwood with its burgundy-purple foliage and fringed hot pink flowers. Both of these shrubs are low maintenance, and great focal points for the busy homeowner. Usually a 1 gallon container, or #1, is most often seen when you buy perennials and smaller shrubs. Pots sized as 3, 5, and 10 gallon pots are often for shrubs, and 15 gallon pots for trees.

Browse our plants to check out more of our versatile, established shrubs and ready to create the yard you are dreaming about. And if you have any questions or problems, we are happy to help, just contact us by calling 336.999.8196 or email us at


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