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Also known as a fringe flower, the ‘Snow Panda’ Loropetalum is a hardy evergreen with a loosely shaped vase growth habit. Attractive as a hedge, in a border or in containers. Mature height can range from 8 to 10 feet, however with selective pruning, the plant is easily maintainable at 6 feet. Beautiful snow white fringed flowers in late winter and early spring are accentuated by sage green foliage.
The ‘Snow Panda’ Loropetalum can be grown in zones 7 – 9. Its low maintenance nature and deer resistance make it an easy choice for your yard or garden. Our online store has several varieties of loropetalum, each with unique features to best fit your style. Check out the ‘Snow Panda’ Loropetalum or one of our other varieties today!


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