Planting in zone 7.

Planting in zone 7.

We absolutely love living and growing our plants in USDA planting zone 7.  We are so lucky in that we can plant almost any time of the year, even in the dead of winter. 


Here in planting zone 7, our soil rarely freezes therefore we are lucky enough to have root growth throughout the fall and winter. Cool season root growth helps our new fall or winter plantings survive the following summer season. During late spring and summer I spend a lot of time helping our local garden center customers understand the benefits of fall and winter planting. When planting in the months of Sept, October, November, and even December you can expect your newly planted shrubs and trees to continue growing roots while the branches and foliage remain dormant. This is great news! By growing roots prior to the following spring and summer, your plants will happily transition in March and April from growing roots to growing new leaves and stems. Once the plants start growing news leaves, they will take a break from growing roots. When planting in springtime in zone 7, plants will try to grow roots and new leaves at the same time which means they will need excessive amounts of water. Some plants prefer less water and struggle when planted during this time. I know you may be surprised but in planting zone 7, it is a great idea to look around in April but purchase and plant your plants in fall and winter. 


I hope you enjoy the coming fall planting season! We are adding new products and have a bunch of new plants that coming back in stock now. we will continue to updating our customers about all of this in our weekly emails. 


For best practices, please check over the our other blogs if you happen to be located in a different planting zone than zone 7. Also, be on the lookout for our recommendations for planting in zone 8 and planting in zone 9. Those will be posted very soon. Below is a link to all of our plants that are suitable for planting in zone 7.  


Here is a link to all plants suitable for zone 7: