Bloom-A-Thon® Coral Amazement™ Azalea
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Bloom-A-Thon® Coral Amazement™ Azalea

Bloom-A-Thon® Coral Amazement™ Azalea

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Rhododendron x 'RLH1-6P4' PP24495

Endless bloom in the shade? When faced with a semi-shady area to plant and you want colorful bloom, a first thought may be azalea. A tried-and-true staple, the azalea provides great color but usually only for a short time. To remedy this, Garden Debut set out to create an azalea that exhibits an extended bloom time, along with greater cold and sun tolerance. As the name suggests, this azalea offers a marathon of color, blooming first in spring and then again in late summer through frost (that’s like 12 weeks!). It displays some sun tolerance and has shown cold tolerance to zone 6, making it hardier than the Encore. In addition to the extended bloom time, Bloom-A-Thon has good disease resistance and saturated flower color on large blooms.

Joseph's Take

Joseph's Take

We have re-blooming Encore for sunny places, traditional azaleas for shady places, but we didnt have a re-blooming azalea for shady places until Bloom-A-Thon came onto the market. I prefer the Pink Bloom-A-Thon the most because the flowers are bright and peony like and it blooms a lot especially when mature and being trimmed on occasion.

Hardiness Map
Mature Height: 3'
Mature Width: 3'
Flower Season: Spring and Fall
Sun: Morning sun, afternoon shade
Hardiness Zone: 6 to 9
This plant is suitable for the low temperates below:
Temp (F)
Temp (C)
-10 to 0
-23.3 to -17.8
0 to 10
-17.8 to -12.2
10 to 20
-12.2 to -6.7
20 to 30
-6.7 to -1.1