Welcome to our Blog!

  • Published: Aug 25, 2020
  • Written by JOSEPH PLITT
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Welcome to our Blog!


Welcome to the Lots of Plants blog! 

My name is Ash and I am the call center-writer-shop keep in training-amateur photographer at Lots of Plants, as well as a primitive/survivalist skills instructor and cook behind the scenes of this blog; you might know me from Firefly, Turtle Island Preserve, MAPS Meet, or even Pathfinders if you aren’t of North Carolinian stock.

This blog will follow my learning and studying journey here in Winston-Salem, as we ship plants across the country at lotsofplants.com! I work with some experienced landscaping plant-folk at lotsofplants.com. They put up with all of my questions and curiosities as a new hire and 2020 graduate who studied Ethnobotany (the study of the relationship between humans and plants--botany and anthropology) at Appalachian State University, in their self-starters Interdisciplinary Studies Degree program. 

Enough about me!

In this blog, you should expect to see some ramblings on plants generally found here at Lots of Plants and what I found super interesting from both the biological and human-use sides of things.

We get calls all the time from experienced and new gardeners alike who want to make sure they know the best way to plant their new babies, and add to their own green-thumbed knowledge. So I am going to be writing to help those who were too shy get in touch, or haven’t even heard of us yet, but wonder about the details of nandinas, or the long-winded history of the roses and more!

Every state and hardiness zone has different plant needs, as does every plot of land. You will learn with me the different rules of thumb of planting, choosing the right plants for your area with an eye for design, and much much more as I weave in and out of specifics to general information. 

Come along for the journey, and feel free to email me some questions or topics you would like covered--someone always has the same questions that others wonder about in silence!