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Joseph here, owner of I would like to introduce myself, let you know a little about my background and what led me to creating In 2004, I started a small landscape company here in Winston Salem, NC. I taught myself how to install shrubs and trees- sun or shade- evergreen or deciduous- fast growing or dwarf. Does my client have a neighbor to gain privacy from? Does my client have young children- no spiky plants. Does my client want spiky plants to protect their property from trespassers? Do they love flowers? Do they dislike bees? Really there was so much to learn, everyone has their particular preferences and needs. It has always been my job to figure out what those were and provide them with solutions.

Over time, I became quite good at it for one main reason. I planted shrubs and trees that fit their needs and grew into what they expected and didn’t die. That’s the most important part, my plantings generally do not die. Why do my plantings not die? I’m not watering them, I’m not even checking on them. The reason is, I choose plants that are tough enough for the environmental conditions they are in and I plant no smaller than 3-gallon plants.

When installing plantings in the landscape I must choose plants that are at least 3-gallons in size. Many online retailers sell very small what we in the shrub industry call “plugs”. I also buy many many plugs every year for My plugs are repotted into larger pots, then I grow them for one or two years depending on the variety. When I say grow, I use cold frame greenhouses, timed irrigation, specialty fertilizers, and much care to get them to a sufficient size to plant out in the yard. Basically, “plugs” are something that growers use to create products for the homeowner. Homeowners should never buy plugs online or anywhere else expecting that that plant will eventually grow up and become what they imagined when looking at the beautiful photos online. Some might survive if you’re lucky, most probably won’t.

At I created a company that provides homeowners with plantings that are ready to plant straight out in the yard. As long as your choosing the right plant for the right location, your plant should grow to its stated potential. As a landscaper and experienced grower of shrubs and trees, I want to provide plant lovers with shrubs that might not be available your town that can survive for the long term and meet the needs of your preferred landscape. If you have questions about our plants or wonder if we have plants that are not listed, or if you need help deciding what to plant, shoot us an email, we will be glad to help in any way we can.

Thanks and happy planting!  Joseph at


  1. I want to plant this in a pot .can I make it into a standard the first year and if so what would be the best way.

  2. Carol J Williams

    I am interested in the hardy Camelia Long Island Pink
    I live in Sag Harbor NY (on Long Island).
    Please could you tell me
    a) if you have any in stock
    b) if this is a safe time to ship
    b) approximately how tall and wide the plant in a 3 gallon container is?

    Thank you very much.
    Best, Carol

    1. Hi Carol, our Long Island Pink Camellias are appx 24 inches above the 3 gal pot and 14 to 16 inches wide. We do have them in stock. We like to ship on Tuesday of each to help prevent weekend layover. We do protect the plant from drying out during shipping so now would be a fine time to order. Thanks, Joseph at

  3. Pam Harper

    I’m wondering about the quality of your plants and your guarantee? I am needing some holly box gems, and I can’t find them anywhere locally. I may need to order them online, but the downside is that I can’t pick the healthiest, best-shaped plants myself.

    1. If you would like Pam, I can send you a photo of our Gembox Holly tomorrow. They are very nice in a 3 gallon. I also have strongbox in a 2 gal.

  4. Gary Drendel

    What is the height and width of the Wintergreen Boxwood in the 3 gallon container?
    How much can I expect it to grow per year?
    Does the plant need to be transplanted right away or can I keep it in the container for several weeks?
    Thank you.

    1. HI Gary, Wintergreen Boxwood is currently appx 14″ wide and 16″ tall for us. They are slow growers compared to many shrubs but fast for a Boxwood. I would say appx 4″ per flush which can happen twice per year for us in NC. They can be grown in pots as long as the soil is kept moist. Thanks, Joseph.

  5. Looking at the Royal Princess Nandina. Approximately how tall are the 3g RPNs that you sell? Thank you!

  6. Hi, I was wondering if maybe you could tell me how much a mature around 6 to 7 ft tall rhododendron is worth? I have a rental property that has 2 of these on it and the renters completley cut them down without even asking, so I’m going to charge them for the damage but you can’t really buy mature rhododendron plants, so I dont know how much I should charge them. How tall are your 3 gallon size plants?

  7. I’m looking for a mountain laurel ‘Pristine’

    How big is this plant that will ship



  8. Barbara markle

    I want to send a 3 gallon butterfly Bush (multicolored with the coral and lavender etc) to a friend as a sympathy gift she just lost her husband, I am Leary of ordering online as I want to best plant possible for her. It’s july 19th our deep heat wave ends Saturday night but it will still be warm next week (after all it’s summer!) but, this is the perfect plant for her. Do you have ant really nice ones left that are suitable to send as a nice sympathy gift? If so, do you have photos and how do you pack them to protect from this summer heat?
    Thank you

    1. They do still look good and are blooming or reblooming. Good choices are Pugster Blue or Pugster Lavander. You would need to call the store or send me an email for photos as they cannot be uploaded here. Our plants are guaranteed to reach you place safely. Thanks!

  9. Jeff Wagner

    How tall is the blueberry smoothie in the 3 gallon pot. Also how old is it.

  10. Jonna Appleby

    Looking to get some camellia I love the pink ones . Looking to plant in fall? They love more shade? Do I plant in fall or now ? I am in love w this plant any info is appreciated . Ty

  11. Jamie SooHoo

    Hi Joe, I’ve been told by the conservation commission to plant 6 mountain laurel bushes between 2-3 feet tall. How tall are your 3 gallon pots typically??

  12. Jana Swatloski

    Can you send me pictures and specs on the 3 gallon Variegated False Holly? I’m in Houston, can you ship now? After I order, when should I expect delivery?

    1. Jana, our Goshikis are appx 16 incles tall and wide from the base of the plant. We ship every Tuesday so that you will receive before the weekend.

  13. Debbie Prout

    Looking at your moonlit viburnum to plant around ac unit with southern exposure. How much sun will they tolerate?

  14. Nancy Ceccarelli

    Hi. I love the pink perfection camellia but I live in zone 6a. Can I plant it in a pot and bring it inside during the winter months? Treat it as a houseplant? It’s so beautiful…
    The April dawn camellia is also a winner. Could this be potted and brought inside?
    Thank you for your time!

    1. Nancy, we do have customers keeping Camellias in pots and bringing in for very cold weather. I do not know their success rate. Its important to keep camellias damp but not too wet, soil should be well drained.

  15. Georgia L Schlager


    How large are your Pink Chiffon Rose of Sharon? Is this a good time to plant in Zone 6?

  16. I placed an order for one aphrodite sweetshrub from your website today 9/21. I have been looking locally for this beauty and have not been able to find it, so was happy to see you carry it and have free shipping. We live in Buffalo, NY can you give me an idea of when to expect delivery? Thank you!

  17. We are interested in Camellias. What would you recommend for Ocean City NJ . Is it possible to discuss planting details etc. Thanks in advance, Molly a& Jim Kelly.

    1. Hey Jim and Molly, I just left you a voicemail. Can call us to learn more about Camellias, we have both fall and spring blooming in just about every color available. Thanks, Joseph at

  18. Joe Pirozzi

    Hi Joseph,
    I live in Raleigh, NC, and am interested in japonica Jacks and Seafoam Camellias for foundation plantings and in the mulch area in the backyard. The front of the house faces west so we get afternoon sun. Would the Camellias be good in this environment and when are they available to order?

    1. Joe, Within Camellias we have both fall blooming which are Sasanqua and spring blooming which are Japonica. On each Camellia listing you can see which one they are. Fall blooming or Sasanqua can handle all day sun which Japonica prefers afternoon shade or at least half day shade. In you case it sounds like you may have afternoon shade so Jacks and Seafoam will be fine, if not you may prefer Yuletide or Long Island Pink as examples, they are both fall blooming sasanqua. I will send this to you in an email and you can call me at anytime for specific information. Thanks, Joseph at

  19. Hi! I saw the tri-color Camellia and have been looking for Camellia to buy. Would this one bloom now when I receive it? The leaves are evergreen correct? I don’t like waiting for blooms especially on this beautiful one. Is it a good time to plant the Camellia in zone 8. I’m in Seattle.

    1. Janine, Tri-Color Camellia blooms in the spring for us. If you would like to receive the plant during bloom time, I would wait and check with me in February. At that time, I better predict its exact bloom time. It really depends on the weather as to when it will bloom. Fall is a better time to plant Camellias so if you want to get one now and wait for the blooms, the plant will have a chance to root well through the winter and need less watering next summer.
      Thanks, Joseph at

  20. Lori Valadez

    Would a camellia grow in an area with gravel an no grass. Mostly shade on the north side of the house. I want to train it flat on a iron fence. Are they available for shipping to Texas now? Thank Lori

    1. Good morning Lori, a Camellia would grow in gravel as long as its just gravel on the top of the soil. The roots of the plant will prefer to live in soil as opposed to gravel. We do ship plants throughout the year. In many parts of the country where the soil doesn’t freeze for months on end, its best to plant your shrubs and trees in fall and winter as they will be growing roots throughout the winter and need less summer watering the following year. This is the general rule in zones 7,8, and 9. In colder states such as Michigan or Massachusetts, its best to plant in spring or summer. I hope this helps, Joseph at

  21. Hi Joesph. Looking to bonsai a winter flowering jasmine. Can you tell me how big are plants and are they single or multiple trunks?
    Thanks !

    1. John, Winter Jasmine is a a very fast growing ground cover. It does great holding the soil and roots itself as it continues to grow outward. Not good for bonsai. Winter jasmine will flower on a warm day during mid to late winter. Thanks, Joseph at

  22. Thanks for your reply. Hmm… Winter Jasmine has been bonsai’ed for many years by the Chinese (Penjing). Maybe you haven’t seen it grown this way before.

    1. Very interesting and thanks John. I had to look that one up as I was unaware these could be trained to be a bonsai plant. Our Winter Jasmine is single trunk for the most part although they create their own additional trunks over time. They are currently around 20 inches diameter, 12-14 inches tall. Thanks, Joseph at

  23. John,

    How late in the fall can we plant the winter jasmine? We had new landscaping done last week and we’d like to order a few shrubs but don’t know if its too late. We live in central Jersey.


    1. Hi, we’re in NC, zone 7 and plant most of the winter. I usually tell people as long as it’s not frozen, everything should be fine.

      Thanks, Joseph at

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