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Joseph here, owner of I would like to introduce myself, let you know a little about my background and what led me to creating In 2004, I started a small landscape company here in Winston Salem, NC. I taught myself how to install shrubs and trees- sun or shade- evergreen or deciduous- fast growing or dwarf. Does my client have a neighbor to gain privacy from? Does my client have young children- no spiky plants. Does my client want spiky plants to protect their property from trespassers? Do they love flowers? Do they dislike bees? Really there was so much to learn, everyone has their particular preferences and needs. It has always been my job to figure out what those were and provide them with solutions.

Over time, I became quite good at it for one main reason. I planted shrubs and trees that fit their needs and grew into what they expected and didn’t die. That’s the most important part, my plantings generally do not die. Why do my plantings not die? I’m not watering them, I’m not even checking on them. The reason is, I choose plants that are tough enough for the environmental conditions they are in and I plant no smaller than 3-gallon plants.

When installing plantings in the landscape I must choose plants that are at least 3-gallons in size. Many online retailers sell very small what we in the shrub industry call “plugs”. I also buy many many plugs every year for My plugs are repotted into larger pots, then I grow them for one or two years depending on the variety. When I say grow, I use cold frame greenhouses, timed irrigation, specialty fertilizers, and much care to get them to a sufficient size to plant out in the yard. Basically, “plugs” are something that growers use to create products for the homeowner. Homeowners should never buy plugs online or anywhere else expecting that that plant will eventually grow up and become what they imagined when looking at the beautiful photos online. Some might survive if you’re lucky, most probably won’t.

At I created a company that provides homeowners with plantings that are ready to plant straight out in the yard. As long as your choosing the right plant for the right location, your plant should grow to its stated potential. As a landscaper and experienced grower of shrubs and trees, I want to provide plant lovers with shrubs that might not be available your town that can survive for the long term and meet the needs of your preferred landscape. If you have questions about our plants or wonder if we have plants that are not listed, or if you need help deciding what to plant, shoot us an email, we will be glad to help in any way we can.

Thanks and happy planting!  Joseph at


  1. I want to plant this in a pot .can I make it into a standard the first year and if so what would be the best way.

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