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We’re getting excited for the start of spring and all the blooming plants it brings with it. But are you prepared for the month and the season ahead? You can buy all the plants and trees you need from us without even leaving the house, but do you know what you should be buying and planting in March?

You can fill your garden with lots of colorful and nicely scented plants at this time of year. Here are our top 7 picks for March plants:


If you didn’t plant daffodil bulbs in the autumn, then March is a great time to buy these colorful plants. They bloom well throughout spring and can add lots of bright yellow tones to your garden.


Dahlias are wonderful spring flowers, so now is a great time to get them started. They are quite delicate when it comes to frost, however, so in case we haven’t seen the last of it, it’s best to start these off in pots indoors until the weather warms up.


This range of plants gives off incredible scents that will fill your garden throughout spring. There are lots of variants that flower in different colors, so you can choose the ones you like best. Daphne mezereum, for example, shows off nice pink and white flowers.

Golden currant

This shrub will look great within your daffodils and other spring-blooming bulbs. It displays small, golden flowers in warmer months, changing to deeper red and purple hues in cooler weather. It’s a great hardy shrub for you to choose.


Camellias are a wonderfully varied plant with more than 3,000 species to choose from. This means lots of different colors and styles available to add to your garden. Lots of variants of camellias bloom well during March and April before becoming more dormant until later in the year.


If you’re looking for elegant and vibrant flowers for your garden, the chaenomeles are the perfect choice. This shrub blooms throughout March, April, and May, so you’ll have plenty of flowering time if you buy them this March in time for spring.


Lavender is a great choice for planting as the soil starts to warm up. You can plant it in large amounts to provide a great coverage with that well-known purple tint, just make sure to plant them two or three feet apart from each other.

Hopefully, this has inspired your planting as we reach the early days of spring. We can help turn your spring garden into a wonderland with our plants for sale online. Make sure to follow these tips when you buy trees online or any of our other products.


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