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Lots of Plants - Inspect Your Package

Inspect Your Package

Be sure to inspect your order for damages or irregularities within 48 hours of receiving your package.

We do not take returns, and we only take exchanges if the damage has been caught within 48 hours of receiving your package.

From the placement of your order, our policy is to ship by UPS within 5 business days. Orders are sent on Monday and Tuesday of each week, depending on major holidays, in order to minimize transit time and prevent weekend layover.

Upon receiving your plant, you want to immediately inspect it. Inspect the box for damage which may have occurred during shipping. If the box is heavily damaged, simply refuse the shipment and get a hold of us so we can get working on your order sooner. We will work it out with the courier and get your order to your door. If you are satisfied that there is no major damage from shipping, then go ahead and open the box and take out your plant. Inspect your plant for damage and assess its health.

Shipping is very stressful for plants. It may take up to a week for the plant to get to your door, so it is common for plants to arrive with slight damage such as slightly limp branches, wilting, browning, or damage on the leaves and flowers which are nothing detrimental to the plant. At certain times of the year, some plants are dormant and may even arrive without its leaves, but that is nothing detrimental to the health of the plant either. From here, your plant just needs some sun and water to get itself back into good health.

We do not accept returns, but if you think there is something wrong with your plant upon arrival or if you think your plant is dead upon arrival, take a picture and email it to us. If our support team determines the plant is in bad shape due to our handling and shipping of the plant, we will send you a replacement.

If you are not able to put the plant into the ground immediately, then the plant needs to be stored somewhere suitable for its needs regarding the amount of sunlight, and it will also need regular watering. We do not accept responsibility or liability for an owner’s lack of care and attention to the plant, so it is important to take care of the shrub until it goes into the ground.

Optional 90 Day Warranty

While it is impossible to guarantee the survival rate for living plants or the freshness of perishable products, we work hard to supply quality products to our customers. We do offer a forty-eight (48) hour plant replacement policy to cover damage incurred during shipping, however a lot can happen from the time you receive your plant until it gets into the ground.

For ten percent (10%) of the cost of the product, Lots of Plants will offer a ninety (90) Day Extended Warranty for your plant, covering the cost of the plant, including any applicable tax, but does not include shipping. The Extended Warranty must be purchased with the product at the time of the initial purchase for warranty to be valid. Shipping is a very stressful time for plants and it may take an entire week for your order to arrive at your door. Plants will often arrive with slight damage such as limp branches, brown leaves, and more. None of the damage that occurs through the normal stresses of shipping should be detrimental to the health and well-being of the plant. Because of that, this warranty will not cover normal damages which occur from the stresses of shipping as outlined previously.

To make a claim through this warranty, we ask for pictures of the product to assess the damage. Upon a qualifying verification of the type of damage to the product, we will either replace the plant or offer the product’s cost as store credit towards a different plant of the customer’s choosing. Any plants provided as replacements are not covered by any warranty.

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