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Lots of Plants - Planting In 4 Easy Steps!

Plant Care Guide

Lets face it, no matter how easy it seems, we are not all professionals in the garden.

Since this isn’t rocket science, we willingly put ourselves up to the task. As simple as it sounds, as many of us have experienced, putting a plant into the ground and letting it grow is not always as easy as just dropping it into the dirt and letting the earth take care of itself.

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We are here to help

Plants require proper care, and enough of us have faced the dreaded dry, cracking, brown, leafless, flowerless plant before. What went wrong? The experts at Lots of Plants are here to help answer that question and more!

Whether you are a novice wanting to learn or if you have dabbled around in your garden and have more experience, we have information to help you on your way working towards a beautiful garden!

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