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It may be cold outside, but spring is on the horizon. Winter is the best time to start preparing your garden and planning for spring. Plus, there are plenty of winter-blooming plants that you can focus on right now to add some life to your yard. If you’re looking for some inspiration in the dead of winter, here are some of the best plants for sale online that you could order right now.


This shrub flowers through winter and spring, adding splashes of pink to your garden. Since it’s an evergreen shrub, it’ll provide some nice greenery throughout the year, too. They do well out of direct sunlight, which is one of the reasons they’re suited to winter. They also grow best on rainwater, which is often in abundance during these months. Camellias require acidic soil, so they may need to be grown in pots if your soil is more alkaline.


Firethorn, or Pyracantha, is another evergreen plant that does well in the winter. It flowers in the summer but also grows bright berries that can survive the winter. If you mulch around its base, then Firethorn plants stand up well even in freezing conditions. It is generally a low-maintenance plant, making it ideal for those winter months where you’d rather stay inside.


Heathers are a diverse category of evergreen plants that produce a variety of colors and grow in slightly different conditions. Winter-flowering heathers include Erica carnea and E. × darleyensis, which have many of their own varieties. Heather primarily blooms with pinks, purples, and white, providing a nice colored landscape for your garden. When growing heather through winter, just make sure there is plenty of mulch or compost for it to feed on.


Often referred to as the Christmas rose, Hellebore is an ideal plant for the winter. They tend to flower from late in the winter and into spring, so now is a great time to plant them. To improve their appearance and to make them stand out, you may need to trim back the plants’ leaves to reveal the flowers. This will also improve the health of the plant.


That timeless Christmassy plant, holly can brighten up the garden with its rich greens and reds throughout winter. There are a variety of types of holly, both trees and shrubs. In order to produce their berries, you will need both a male and female holly plant to ensure that the female plant can sprout its berries. Male plants cannot grow the berries themselves.

Winter is one of the best times to order plants online. You can get the plants you want without having to leave the warmth and comfort of your home. Check out Lots of Plants to see what outdoor and indoor plants for sale we have available.


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